Thursday, January 29, 2009

More Randomness - I'm full of it!

So here I am on day 29 on my diet - and I doubt I've even lost any more weight. I'm ticked off because I expect to see results on day 2. I'm a very impatient person when it comes to these things. I want to be a size 2, not the size I'm in now (which I would never, ever put on here). The only way I will ever be a size 2 is when I'm dead and I've already started to rot for a few years. Yes, years. That's how long it would take my flesh to get down to a size 2, even dead. lol. Morbid - jeez!! I will say this though, if I'm healthy and happy. . .maybe God wants me to stay plus size. Yeah, that's it. God loves me for who I am :) And so does lots of other people.

Getting on to another subject, my mom had to take my dad to the ER this evening because he's been hurting in his stomach. The pain got worse today while he was at work and it never let up. So after xrays, blood tests, and urine tests. . .they're still not sure what it is. Doctor is thinking appendicitis, so he's doing a CT Scan now to see. I just hope and pray it's something that can be fixed really soon and he'll be back to feeling good in no time!!

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