Thursday, January 29, 2009


I hate waiting on stupid W2s to come in - only because we never get ours until right there at the deadline. This should be illegal. Here we are broke as convicts - with no tax refund at the end of our tunnel. Can't wait to pay a couple of debts off and get on with our lives - I hate debt.

Anyway, I'm sitting here at 1:30 in the morning waiting on Caleb to get home. Nancy Grace is on and she's talking about the Caylee Anthony case. It's so sad hearing about all these babies dying by the hands of their parents - what is up with this world? I read on the other day where a mother was beating her little 2 year old to death. .and she says she remembers the baby saying "I love you mommy" right before she killed her. Why? How? It makes me sick. I hear stories like that and I just tuck Noah in my bed a little tighter and give him extra kisses, and thank God that I gave birth to him. .and I just pray for all those precious little babies that are born to a sicko that does these horrible things. Noah is my whole entire world! I would literally die for him and not even think twice about it.

Speaking of Noah, I just heard him say the cutest thing the other day and I have to write it down:

We're passing the river in Tennessee

Noah: Look mama, it's ocean!

Me: No, baby - it's a river.

Noah: Shark in there!!

Me: Nope, no sharks. .just fish. But sharks live in the ocean.

Noah: Where's ocean?

Me: Far away. .and I'm hoping we can take you this summer.

Noah: Yeah!! I can build castles. Sharks are at ocean!!

Me: Yes, you can build all the castles you want! And the sharks are there but we're not going near them!

Noah: Yeah yeah! Ocean!! Sand Castles with my bucket, shobel (shovel), but where the girls at?

Me: (((lots of laughter)))

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