Saturday, January 31, 2009


Went to see my dad in the hospital today. He's feeling much better and I'm so thankful. Bless his heart, we were there for over an hour and all he talked about was food - the mystery broth from the hospital just isn't cutting it, he needs real food. Noah was happy to see his Nana and Papa but he begged everyone there for a dollar and ended up getting Reece's Cups, a bag of cookies, and a sprite. Needless to say he's so wired up now he can't even keep one part of his body still. I think my skin is almost ready to fall off where he's constantly clinging onto some part of my body. He's acting like a rabid animal. My poor little 2 lb chihuahua is about ready to fall over with a stroke because Noah is frightening the poor little guy.

Anyway, I have started giving my little rabid animal precious little boy 2 vitamin gummy bears per day. It would be a good thing except for the fact of 2 not being enough. I have told him he could only have 2 of those because it's a type of medicine - oh no, he isn't buying that for one measly second. So, in order to get more, he tells me the dog ate them! I birthed one smart cookie. He still only gets two, even though the 'dog' consumed them.

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