Sunday, February 1, 2009

Sunday Already

Quest for the day:

Get up before noon, have Caleb's lunch made, make sure he has everything he needs in order before rushing out the door for work, get Noah all washed up and dressed, get myself ready, go see my dad (and mom), and pressure mom into leaving the hospital long enough to have a nice lunch with me and Noah.

The only thing about today that I dread is Caleb working 13 hours. .but it is money ($5 extra an hour), and we are thankful he has this job!! I just get really lonely here at the house with Noah and the doggies. Normally on the weekends, I load Noah up into the rolling toybox *minivan* and we head up the street to my parents house. But noooo, dad had to get his bowels in an uproar and end up in the hospital. I'm so glad he's on the road to recovery (thank God) and we'll be up at their house next weekend with our bells on! lol. I'm sure they're sick of me. I think I'm one of those daughters that show up at her parents house unannounced, and I think I'm one of those people who don't know when to leave. Nah.

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