Thursday, January 15, 2009

Getting ready for Valentine's Day!

I got the scissors out today and cut a few circles from construction paper and made a couple of frogs and even some monkeys. Noah and Carly decorated them for Valentine's and I'm going to start decorating and hanging these sweet little things all over my house! It's never too early around here! Anyway, all I need is some cardstock and we'll be set.

I've been thinking about a center piece for the table - maybe a glass hurricane/pillar candle type thing with some heart shaped valentine candy inside . .surrounding the candle? I don't know.......would that be flammable? lol I think it might be cute and worth a try. I'll have to go look at Goodwill for a hurricane vase thingy. .because i'm not spending that much money for something like that at the Pottery Barn. I like second hand stuff, things from clearance isles, or free stuff!
Nothing wrong with being a frugal mom :D

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