Friday, January 16, 2009

Ehh, what a week it has been!

Here lately Noah has been grouchy. . .and very impatient over everything! He's cried, pitched fits, and floor flopped more this week than he ever has in his whole entire little life. I'm going c.r.a.z.y! I think it's because when he was sick those few days with an ear infection, we kinda cuddled with him more, and gave him extra special attention. He's so milking it :D

I still give him the same amount of attention and of course he's the most loved little boy on Bonds Road - so hopefully he'll quit milking the situation very soon. I've been trying to keep him occupied with different crafts, nothing works. He's inthralled in Mickey Mouse Clubhouse right now, and that's what he'll be doing for all of 20 seconds before it all hits the fan again lol. Even though he's 3, maybe he's just now showing signs of the 'terrible two's'..who knows. I love him :)

I'm almost at the very end of Breaking Dawn. . .and it's getting so good that I don't even want to put it down. It's kinda sad though, because I don't want the saga to end - I want more books with the same characters! lol.

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