Saturday, January 10, 2009

Feeling Crafty

Me, my mom, grandmother, and Noah loaded up and went to Michaels today. I absolutely LOVE that store - it's like heaven for the crafters, no joke! My mom ended up loading her buggy over with all kinds of Valentine, St Patricks Day, and even some Christmas things they had 75% off. So now we're ready for the next two holidays :D I normally put a wreath up on our front door for every occasion/holiday, but I haven't ever had one for Valentine's - and they had the prettiest heart shaped wreath for $9 up there. BUT, I don't like to pay that much for something I only use for a few weeks a year, so I passed it by. I was walking down the wedding isle and seen the same exact wreath, but only in pink and white. .on clearance for $3!!! It's totally going on my door here in a few weeks! Yep, so now I'm ready.

Oh, and noone even noticed my hair while we were out - so maybe Chattanooga is a little more open to freak ladies :D

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BriBaby2k said...

I wish I had more people to do crafty things with! It can be so relaxing.
You are not a freaky more craziness outta your mouth! It's there loss for not stopping and talking to you, or just being nice.