Friday, January 9, 2009

My New Hair!

Last night I had my hair cut and colored - cherry red streaks profiling my face (see my 'about me' pic) and I love it! When Noah first seen it he didn't have much to say at all, he just looked at me. Then once we got home, he came up to me and called me "Murray". Murray is the red Wiggle from The Wiggles. . .LOL, it was so cute! Then this morning when we woke up, Noah came up to me and picked up my hair and said "I love it, mama", and I thought that was SO sweet and cute! I'm glad he approved :)

Speaking of 'approval', I went to Walmart this morning to pick up a few things. I was on my way across the parking lot and this woman and her son were walking toward me. She looked up at me and just burst out laughing - I mean, what the heck? Did she not care that I knew she was laughing at me? No, she didn't. She's going to teach her son (that watched her laugh at me), to become a judgemental person and to not accept people as they are. . .and that makes me sick. So I just walked past her and went into Walmart. I'm a very respectful person and would never stare at someone else just because they're different. . .come on, we're talking about hair color for crying out loud!! So, these old people just stare at me like I'm the freak from a circus or something. Now that I think about it, I should have charged them for staring at me. Next time, I'll take a hat and throw it at my feet and maybe someone will throw in some coins for the freak lady. NW GA = closed minded people (some, not all).


BriBaby2k said...

Those people who stare have nothing better to do in life! They just try to have a life through ours, don't worry about the small people who come across our lives path. It's the big people in our lives that really matter. Thank God for friends and family! If it wasn't for them we would all go craZy! I love the hair, and it looks greaT on you! So Rock on Girl!!! lol

Lucky Jones said...

I love the hair! I used to have mine hot pink a la Gwen Stefani... I miss it so much!!!!