Monday, January 12, 2009

Back from the doctor

We ended up not going to bed until around 4:30 this morning because Noah's fever was so high, we just couldn't sleep. So, finally, we get to sleeping so good and the dang alarm goes off at 7:20 - ehh. I drag myself up off the bed and I get myself and Noah ready, made Caleb get up and get dressed, and we headed out the door. We get there and there is only two other people, thank God! I was so proud of him because he let them take his temperature under his tongue, he got to stand up on the scales (which is his fav part): 44 lbs, and they even got to check his height : 3.5 feet tall...and he didn't even get mad once! Then once the doctor came in to see Noah, he acted like a big boy and let the dr look in his nose, mouth, and ears . . .and even had small conversation with the dr without shedding a tear. He has a small ear infection, a little sinus trouble, and has to take some antibiotic for the next few days. Caleb just left for work and I'm sitting here with Noah and the doggies - wishing I could take me a nice long hot bath..and a nap! I'm just hoping my little guy feels better tomorrow.

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Not Perfect said...

Glad it was nothing more serious than the ear infection...that still sucks though!!!!