Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Looking Back

Looking back at 2008- it seems to have gone by pretty fast, although some months were horrible and slow. From January-June it was perfect, everything was wonderful.In June, we adopted little Max - a special needs Chihuahua who was mutilated and dosen't have any little feet. He's been a little blessing to our family. Then in July Caleb lost his job, had to have surgery, and couldn't find a job when he was able to "go back to work". July-November was horrible. We could not have made it if it wasn't for my parents. They've been there for us through it all and I owe them my life. I love them SO much! Caleb's parents are back in our lives and they've helped us out as well. We love our families! Finally in November, Caleb tested with Convergys and got the job! Thank God - He opened a door right when we needed it the most. Now we're getting back on track and things are starting to smooth back out. :D We also celebrated Noah's 3rd birthday, which was wonderful! He's the center of our universe!

Then Election time came! My favorite thing - politics! Barack Obama is our new president! I honestly believe he's a good man and will do the right things for our Country and our children's future. Like my husband has said - he's going to pick up where Martin Luther King and JFK left off...and I truly believe he will be another Hero in the history books! I pray God guides him and keeps him and our country safe.

December has been a great month. This was the first year Noah has talked about Santa and got extremely excited at Christmastime! He tore open his presents and it was so exciting to watch his excitement! December has had it's sad moments, too. So many people have died and have been killed, little Caylee Anthony's remains were found, and my little cousin was admitted into the picu on a respirator. Thankfully though, she's doing much better and is fixing to be in a regular room at the hospital :)

I'm hoping and praying 2009 will top 2008 and everyone will stay healthy, happy, and safe!

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Megan @ Little Bella Bean said...

Thanks for swinging by my blog! Sounds like a busy year for you! Our boys are about the same age- cool!