Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Here we go again -

So since the New Year is coming, I figured (again) that I would try to lose weight and start eating healthier. It seems as if I've tried doing that my whole life, then when I lose 20 lbs, I go straight to McDonald's and order the most sinful food in the world. I'm totally an emotional eater. Jeez, If I could just maintain my will power instead of throwing it out the window after shedding a few lbs then everything would be fine. Here's what I've been thinking about doing to try and keep myself away from those aweful comfort foods that the devil makes me eat:

A)Smoking (to keep myself from eating I would have to chain smoke)
B)Wiring my mouth shut (but then what if I get a virus and I start puking?)
C)Scrape off my tastebuds
D)Only eat a small portion - and NEVER eat what Noah leaves on his plate.

I'm thinking A-C. So at this point, my mom is probably thinking she gave birth to a crazy nut. . .so I guess I'll have to go with D!

Water, healthy food, water, gulp- exercise, water, fruit, veggies, water.


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