Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Aliens and Area 51

I think the government is hiding lots of facts, one being Area 51 and the other - Aliens! Have you ever seen the X-Files? Always believe what you see on tv! The government is keeping space aliens locked up because they don't have legal documentation, then they use them for slave labor in Area 51 making Nike sneakers & other popular apparel. Whenever you see, "Made in China", it really means "Made in Area 51".

The Government could back this story up but then it would cause national panic, so I guess we'll just let our 'imaginations' soar until the 'truth' comes out.

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Billy Allen II said...

When I was stationed at Wurtsmith AFB in Michigan in 1974, I heard on the radio news one morning on the way to work that a spaceship with aliens had crashed and was being taken to Patterson AFB.

Several others heard it also and mentioned it to me. It was never mentioned again after that day... wonder why, Mrs. Fleming... hmmm -