Sunday, August 10, 2008

Yard Sale, Wildcats, and a summer cold*

I'll start with the yard sale. . .it went really well on Saturday, we sold over $200 worth of junk in just a half a day!! We set back up this morning and stayed almost all day and only sold $30 LOL! It all adds up tho and I think we did pretty darn good. We had lots of stuff and then my parents and grandmother donated some things for us to sale, which really helped us out!

So about the infamous wildcat! Turns out it was a really weird looking, sickly fox. Never ever in my life have I seen a fox that looked like that! Regretfully, it was executed earlier today due to the possibility of it being rabid. I am a lover of all animals and I was really bothered by the fact that it had to be killed, but I surely don't want to be out with Noah in our yard and it come and bite him. . .so I have to look at it that way, I'm glad we don't have to worry about it anymore.

*My mom and I set up the yard sale today and Noah stayed home with his daddy. Before the sun even came up this morning Noah was already awake. He felt a little warm and didn't want me out of his site. .I think he knew I was fixing to leave. So Caleb got up and started playing with him in his bedroom and all was well. He didn't have a fever(thank God) and I told him I would be back later- and he was okay with it. I called and checked in with them a few times and everything was A-OK. Tonight he's snifly again and not acting right so I may end up having to take him to the pediatrician in a couple of days. .but I'm hoping and praying it goes away without having to take him in.


Christy Stanley said...

I told you it was a fox!!!lol

Anonymous said...

That poor fox! But I guess you're right, it's good that you looked at it that way. And I hope Noah is better.