Sunday, November 13, 2011

Noah's 6th Birthday!

We had a Carnival Party for Noah's 6th birthday. It was a blast and everyone had such a great time, especially my Noah. We had games, candy, popcorn, name it, we had it. We even made carnival booths. It was tons of fun. For every game the kids played, we issued out tickets. Once the party was over they took their gift bags over to the "prize booth" and spent their tickets on prizes. Afterwards, I put cooky glasses and clown noses on Noah and all the guests and we had a good ole time :)
Here we are, just a bunch of clowns :)

The birthday boy!

On his actual birthday, November 1st, he lost his third bottom tooth at school. He got to wear a tooth pin on his shirt at school and even came home with a few presents from his teacher. I am starting to really love this school! I took mini brownies with frosting along with capri sun pouches to school for him and his classmates to celebrate his birthday. He was pretty excited over that! I just love him.
He got many presents for his birthday along with money. It started burning a hole in his pocket so he had to go spend it on a new cape and mask. He still is very much into dressing up, although it is becoming less frequent. I dread the days where he is too old for it. He is doing very well at school and did amazingly great on his very first report card! He counts well over 100, writes beautifully, knows his numbers, and is learning to read small words. I'm very proud of him!

Here are a few funny, yet serious, things my 6 year old says:
- "Hey mom, I burted!" (he doesn't say burp. I think he gets it crossed between a burp and a fart=burt) ha!
-  He gets upset with his brother and calls him a "big headed baby". I get onto him but it cracks me up.
-  Noah loves our Chihuahua, Lucy, and calls her "gorgeous" all the time! Its too cute.
-  He still calls a tooth a "toof".

(I'll add more as my brain comes back to me)

At his 6yr check-up he weighed 54lbs, which is amazing since he has weighed in at 47lbs for the past year and a half. He is still very skinny but at least he's hit the 50lb mark! He's also a little over 4ft tall and wears a size 1 1/2 shoe. His longsleeve shirts are mostly size 6 but he can still wear a 5T in shortsleeves. He wears a 7slim in blue jeans and he goes through those things like crazy! The knees will have holes in them three weeks after we buy them - no joke! He wears only Sketchers shoes because they're the only ones that won't hurt his feet, and he goes through those every few months. The bottoms end up falling off. LOL. Either they are making clothing/shoes cheap made these days or else I have a rough kid. I'll go with the latter.

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