Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Toby is on the move!

Toby is officially a crawler now. Finally. It's crazy that he's three weeks away from turning ONE and he's just now crawling..but I do realize that all babies do things at different times. Toby is perfectly normal, he just does things on his own time. Nothing wrong with that. He started crawling a few days ago, not just scooting anymore. He also still does what I call the "frog jump"..he's the real Froggy Fleming lol. He also pulls up on things by himself now and he's never done that before. He pulled up the first time in his pack n play last week and I was so excited! Now he crawls/frog hops to any location in the living room and pulls up. He thinks he's big now. I'm trying to get his first birthday planned but so far I haven't gotten one thing. I'm having it the second weekend in September so Caleb and my mom can have plenty of time to put some vacay days in! We're doing his party in a Pirate theme and I'm so excited! I have so many ideas & I really need to start orderning some things. Toby has started squealing so loud lately...only when he's excited, mad, or if he wants more snacks! It is ear piercing loud and way worse than any girl scream. Whew, kills my ears! He has also started smacking his leg and grunting really loudly when I tell him no...the temper is starting already! I just can't believe he's almost a year old! It really does seem like yesterday when I was bringing my tiny 6lb baby home from the hospital. I am so thankful he's growing and that he's a healthy little boy! My little T!Time...where does it go?

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