Friday, August 12, 2011

So..I think it's about time..

To take a test. For about two weeks I've been dizzy every single day..which could really be vertigo--due to water in my ears maybe? I don't submerge my whole head in the pool but I could have water in my ears due to showering. I have been a little queasy a little bit here and there -- but I can be known to get this way when I'm stressed and lately I've been a ball of nerves for many reasons. I might go into those reasons tonight sometime. I am on a birth control pill but I fail at taking it daily. I've been known to swallow 4 pills(yes I'm an idiot) at once and who knew that'd make ya sick?!...Ok, I'm not bright. I haven't been taking them as I should now for a couple of months. I really do forget. My pill keeps me on my monthly schedule and I am suppose to have a period next Wednesday night/Thursday morning. I started spotting day before yesterday and thought I was having my period a week early. I've been known to do that since I like screwing up my system by not taking my pills as I should. But the spotting comes and goes and it's not even enough to wear a tampon..or a pantyliner. I am still feeling dizzy and even almost threw up today for NO reason. Again, my stress levels are high and that very well could be my problem. . .but I think I need to go ahead and pee on a stick, that way I'll know one way or the other. I have an appointment with my OBGYN in a couple of weeks and if I'm not preggo...then I need to figure out what is going on with my system. Oh yeah, I'm not taking my pills right and I tend to OD at times. Why do I even bother with paying for a $35 rx every month if I don't take them? Because my husband loves me way too much and condoms aren't his we may end up having a Duggar clan before its over. Now I'm worried.

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