Thursday, July 29, 2010

Noah's Cuteness

Just wanted to share a cute story..and yes, its all about Noah :)

We were talking about our little chihuahua..just about how tiny and cute he is. His name is Max. We rescued him from a puppy mill and he has no little feet, cropped off ears, no tail, etc. He can walk and really does live his life to the fullest, or course we treat him like a baby & carry him from place to place since he can't walk very well on hard floors. Anyway, he's also blind. Noah tells my mom "Nana, we need to take Maxi to the dr and get him some glasses because he can't see". Toooo cute!! Then we were talking later on this evening about him and I forget how it got brought up, but I said "Poor little Max can't see, he's blind as a bat"...and Noah yells "OH OH, Maxi needs a bat costume!". BAHAHA!!

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