Friday, July 9, 2010

Mega SwagBucks Day!

Don't forget Fridays are Mega Swag Days, which means high odds of winning the big bills! The biggest bill I've won on a Friday was 59 SwagBucks..but a few seconds ago I won 36! What are Swagbucks you ask? Swagbucks is a search engine that allows you to earn 'bucks' just for searching. It's used like Google or Yahoo Search - its fun, easy, and FREE! Not to mention the bucks you earn for searching can be redeemed for prizes and giftcards. I've been searching through the swagbuck toolbar for a few months now and I've earned 3,498 SB total. I win about two or three times a day - sometimes only 9 SB and alot of other times its 12+. I could trade all bucks in now for a $25 giftcard but I'm saving up to get something big! Sign up today & start earning today (fyi: you get 30 just for signing up)! Click the pic below!

Search & Win

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