Friday, July 9, 2010

A Full House....& icky icky poo.

Of course I have my Noah every day..and cousin Bo, who is 11 months old...added to the mix is our other little cousin, Madie. She's 4 yrs old and comes over every other Friday to play with Noah. They get along great - even though one plays with dolls & the other plays with trains. Truth is, I love having kids over. I babysat/was a Nanny to two very precious kiddos (Jacob & Carly) for years. They're in school now and I get to spend time with them every other month or so - they're still a very big part of my life. It was never just a job for me - I love them! Over the years of keeping kids & then having my own, I learned a very important lesson: never, and I mean never, sit down with a plate of food until you know every child in the house has gone to the potty. I feed the kids first, clean up the mess, have them go play...then I normally sit down with my lunch thinking I'll have a few moments to breathe. Big mistake- -they always poo when I'm trying to eat. Noah can take care of business himself, but I always like to make sure his hands are properly washed, etc. Bo, the baby, always craps his dipe & alot of the time its the explosive type that goes everywhere. Today it was cousin Madie. My butt had just hit the chair - my plate just placed on the table- then she tells me she has to "go". I give up. My lunch will start when ALL kids in the house have already done their business, even if I have to wait hours. It's just hard for me to wipe butts & then go back to my plate like nothing ever happened. Is this just a thing that happens only at my house or are there other moms that have to deal with poo [specifically] during lunch-time? Off to clean, clean, clean. Shhh...

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