Tuesday, June 8, 2010

A New Habit..

For a couple of weeks now, Noah has been constantly chewing on the neck of his shirts. I ask him to stop when I see him doing it & he does stop..for a minute or two, then he's back to chewing. I've looked it up online and it's obviously something most kids go through. But it's so gross & it messes all of his shirts up. I change his clothes probably 3 or 4 times per day. I have to. The neck of his shirt is soaking wet and it's drooping down - yuck!! I've even had him not wear his shirt to try and get him to kick the habit. Doesn't work. Chewy McChewerson always finds a way to dig out a clean shirt and put it on. They say the habit goes away fairly quickly. Lets hope so! He was grinding his teeth (OMG!). It would kill me just listening to him do that. He did it for a few weeks and then moved onto chewing on clothing. I had my little cousins over yesterday and one of them chews on her hair. Must be the age of chewing? Who knows. I just hope it stops soon.


Lucky Jones said...

gross! knock it off, Noah! lol!

LOVE the look of your site - mine is currently thrown together, I really need to work on it...

Brandie said...

LOL, I tell him to knock it off ALL day long...I'm thinking about trying chewing gum - maybe he'll chew on that instead of his shirt!

Your blog is amazing! I am trying to learn more about html...is there an idiots guide? If so, I totally need it.