Thursday, June 3, 2010

All About Me!

My friend Carol posted this on her blog & I totally copied it ;)

1. I was born in Chattanooga, TN - but raised from birth in a tiny little place called Chickamauga, GA.

2. I was raised on a farm - my parents own 27 acres, a barn, cows, ducks, name it. I'm a country girl.

3.  My parents have been married for 30 years & I have honestly never heard them fight or argue.

4. I have one brother, Wesley, & we're 6 years apart.

5. I started being a full time Nanny  of two really great babies at 17. They're big babies now and are in school - I miss them so much! I quit keeping them full time last summer. I worked 14 hr days.

6. I met Caleb online when I was 17. Met him in person (with my parents) a few months later. He lived in Athens, GA. About 3 hrs away.

7.  Caleb & I dated long distance for two years when he asked me to marry him - we married on my 20th birthday a year later :) No big wedding - just our parents and us.

8. We built our first home when I was pregnant with Noah - we moved in two weeks before I gave birth.

9. I absolutely love chilrdren - I really think I'm meant to work with them somehow, one day.

10. I tend to eat alot of crappy foods lately - even though my favorite foods are mostly vegetables.

11. I haven't snuggled up against my hubby since Noah was born. We're co-sleepers.

12. I love nail polish - I collect every kind of every color.

13. Flip flops are my thing - I don't put them up until snow is on the ground.

14. I've seen spirits since I was around 7 or 8 yrs old. It must be in the genes because Noah sees it too. I also know when some things are going to happen, before it happens. I hate it.

15. I love tattoos. I have 3. Caleb hates tats with a passion but I think they're really sexy on a man. He says   if I had never met him, I probably would have ended up with a biker guy with tattoos :)

16. I use to be a germaphobe & it took a long time to get over it.

17. When I hear an ambulance I have to call my family to make sure they're ok.

18. I believe in God & pray daily, but Church isn't my thing. Too much gossip.

19. Love to read. I can read a book in just a few hours if I had the time.

20. I've never had a public job.

21. Finished college with a certificate in Medical Transcription..& ended up staying a Nanny.

22. Mellow Mushroom has the best calzones - I could eat there every day.

23. When I make the bed, I hardly use matching sheets & pillow cases..& that drives Caleb crazy!

24. I am pregnant with my second little boy & this pregnancy isn't as exciting as the first.

25. Crazy but true- I've always wanted to own a tiny little monkey.

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