Wednesday, May 26, 2010

My Little Escapee & Boy Things

For a couple of weeks now Noah has been escaping. He'll be playing in the back yard or be riding his power wheel around and around (and around) the house...then all of a sudden, he won't come back around the house! I never really trust him anyway, so I immedietly step off the carport & make sure he's not trying to run away or make sure the power wheel battery hasn't died on him. I've caught him at the corner of our fence line, heading straight to our neighbors house. He's ran through the field (fast, I might add) trying to get to the barn or pond, or to my parents house. When we're getting ready to go somewhere, Noah doesn't just walk calmly to the car to get buckled in - he bee lines it for the road because he thinks he can stay with my parents instead of going with us. He is never left outside alone and we're always watching him like a hawk...but he still manages to flee! My parents live next door..but still a good ways up the street and he's always trying to sneak up there. We've put door knob locks on every single door in our house & anytime we go to the bathroom or in another room, we dead bolt the locks & make sure the door knob lock is secured. lol, its like we have a 4 yr old little prisoner that's just dying to break out of jail!

In other news, He has an amazing imagination & loves to pretend. Matter of fact, he would rather pretend with a stick in the yard or a box vs. buying a new toy. So when he's playing Ray, the Ghostbuster, he'll be out in the yard zapping ghosts ALL day long. He wears the homemade proton pack, head light, and he's good to go. Then he'll wake up the next morning and say "hmm, what am I going to be today.." And then he'll go get on his Woody hat, a sheriffs badge, & carry around his toy gun. He even wears a Happy Meal box on his head. I absolutely love it! Watching him play and use his imagination makes me very happy and soo proud!! Most kids these days can't play because their minds are locked into the tv (we do watch cartoons, we just limit it) and video games (these, too). I would rather be out in the yard with him...maybe catching June Bugs! Speaking of, those should be out soon! It's kind of cruel, but last year I tied a string around one of their legs and Noah "flew" it around for the longest time. LOL, it survived and was able to tell the story to other buggies- I promise :) I'm all about boy things all the time. I love it when Noah plays in the dirt and has it all over him, I love the sweaty smell after he plays outside all day, & I love helping him catch crickets or bugs in his net. Sometimes he even catches me in his net - and I love it, until the metal starts digging into my neck. I love being a boy mom :)

Noah Catching Bugs!

Sheriff...tough w/ the hat, badge, & gun

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Chelsey said...

I totally feel for you!!! My son is 4 and started climbing a tree in our yard and hoping our 5 foot fence when he was newly 3! What a shock that was. Some kids are serioius "flight risks"!

We have added an extra lock to the gate and a hook and eye lock up high on the screen door, but he is such a climber he can undo everything. It's like living with Houdini! Thankfully our screen door makes a loud banging noise or we'd have no warning that he was running out the door!!!

Check out my mean neighbour's point of view! (I'm so glad they moved!!!)