Thursday, September 24, 2009

Oh My

What a crazy last couple of weeks. From the first day of school to sicknesses. .. this household has been crazy busy. It's all slowing down now, I hope. I think I've done more laundry and disinfected everything more now than I ever have in my whole OCD lifetime. But at least germs are gone. Muahahaha!

Nothing new and exciting has happened - except for the fact I've gotten out of a routine of taking a very important pill *cough* and now my boobs are hurting. So what does that mean? No clue. Maybe I've screwed up my hormones and I'm back at square one? I hope not. I hate pills. Especially pills you're suppose to take at the same time DAILY. Yeah, you can't tell me anything because I'm hard headed.

OH! And yes...something new HAS happened. We had a massive flood here in Georgia. Cars and houses were underwater just a mile away from our house. It was horrendous. People lost their lives and it was just a tragic thing to have happened here. I took a video of a few surrounding places and put it on my Youtube channel - and its already gotten over 300 views! I do realize now upon reflecting the footage - I should have talked less and filmed more. I sound worse than Dolly Parton. From here on out, when I video, I'm going to shut my country mouth and let everyone enjoy what I film. lol

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