Saturday, August 8, 2009

Better Now

Today got better and better as the day progressed. Turns out, hubby is a eat-outside-with-the-ants type of guy!! We went by the grocery and bought a rotisserie lemon chicken, potato salad, hawaiian sweet bread, and a lunchable for Noah. We then drove to the nearby park and ate on a picnic table! Ok, so we didn't have to eat with ants after all, but it was still supa fun. Noah was so cute. After we tore the chicken to shreds, he wanted to dump the bones out near the woods so the animals would have something to eat! Isn't he just grand? Afterwards, we went and got my script from Walgreens. I bought a prescription club card for $20. Thought it would save me money but only ended up costing me more. I pay $4 for this rx at Walmart. At Walgreens= $8.99. Stoopid. Oh well, I hate Walmart anyway and only have to go there on occasion. After the fun festivities, we came home and Noah got to ride his powerwheel out in the yard for a while. Then I came in and cleaned house like a mad woman - and boy does it feel good to have a clean house!! Anyway, my day then got better when I recieved FANTASTIC news from a friend! I won't name name's or anything. . .but I'm so darn happy and excited!



quilly said...

Your blog title is great and I like the way you take a simple day and share the wonder of it. That takes a special kind of heart.

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