Friday, May 8, 2009

Noah and his Temper

Not sure what's going on but Noah is as angry as a grounded teenager. It's driving me batty. I think it could have something to do with being 3. .but I just don't want it to snowball and us end up visiting a teenager in juvie. I always think too far into the future and I hate that about myself. Why can't I just understand that he's THREE and these temper tantrums will soon end?!

I need a valium. (Actually, I've never even seen one)

Want to hear a funny story?! LOL. It's after 1 am and Noah just woke up. Caleb just walked through the door and said he smelled something funky in the kitchen. Okay, so the funky smell is a sippy cup that was in the sink. .I found it on the back porch with 3 day old chocolate milk inside. I put it in the dish washer and washed it. SMELL is STILL lingering. So Noah gets my Bath and Body Works [Vanilla Bean Noel] and sprays it all through the kitchen. I asked him to bring it to me - and on his way over - he begins to spray his hair. .over and over. Now he's proceeding to spray the dogs, his dads legs, and my forehead. After I go blind I'll need to have someone find me a braille keyboard. Time to get my lil nugget back to bed!

Nite ya'll

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