Monday, May 11, 2009

My Wonderful Mother's Day

Before I go into my "gift", let me explain what prompted my hubby to do this. The night before Mother's Day, I was telling him that when I woke up I expected plane tickets to Hawaii along with a few other things. We were kidding with each other of course!!

I wake up, Noah hands me the cutest handmade card and it just melted my heart. I absoultely adore him and this card will always be a favorite. Noah kept telling me "Happy Mothers Day mama" in his sweet little voice. I love that little boy SO much! Then I walk into the kitchen where my hubby has a handmade card laying beside my all time fav drink - diet coke! On the front it said "Happy Mothers Day. Love, Caleb". I opened it up and realized he'd gotten into my crafts!! He had flowers/stickers on the inside along with "Round trip ticket to Hawaii". SO CUTE! lol. Even though it wasn't real, it meant a lot, especially since he made it. Honestly, that was the first Mother's Day 'gift' I've ever gotten. It made my day :)

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