Friday, April 24, 2009

Snakes. Are. The. Devil. So are bananas.

Today has been SO crazy! Got a phone call from Karan today telling me that my little Carly girl was taken to the ER because she was bitten by a snake! OH MY GOD. I freaked out. The ER couldn't determine what kind of snake it was (they captured it and had it in a box) so they rubbed alcohol on her snake bite and sent her home. Are you kidding me?! Sent a 5 year old home after a snake bite. Doesn't seem right to me. She's okay but traumatized. She has two holes in her precious little ankle :( Snakes are the devil. Seriously.

So after trying to get over that and chill myself out..another incident happened. Noah wanted a banana. Okay, gave him a banana and he started eating it. A few minutes later I see him bent over. So I call his name and he doesn't look up at me. I ran over to him and his face was completely purple. OH MY GOD. I'm a freaker outer. I start hitting him on the back and was pretty much running the poor kid in circles. Finally a small piece of banana falls out of his mouth, he takes a really big gasp of air and starts crying. Damn those bananas. Damn them!! They're the devil, too! No more bananas - unless I mash them up like baby food, he'll not eat another one until he's an adult. Thankfully he caught his breath and after he quit crying and got some mommy love he was okay. Wow, what a day!

In otha news, Indiana is completely crate trained. He loves his crate so much he wants to stay in it when we're in the house! LOL. Oh yeah - he can also jump through a hoola-hoop and run after a flying frisbee. We love this dog!

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Lucky Jones said...

Wow, I can't believe that she was just sent home...I hope she's ok! And yes, bananas ARE the devil (I am allergic)... AND that's awesome about Indiana! Jelly is crate trained, she actually has to stay in her crate while we are out or else she gets separation anxiety and tears up the house. In her crate she's fine. I thin she thinks that if she's in there she knows we are coming back... dogs are weird (but wonderful!)