Sunday, April 26, 2009

Cornbread Festival and the park

We left out early this morning and experienced the Cornbread Festival for the first time ever. I will have to say that it reminds me of a bigger version of Down Home Days. It was interesting and lots of fun. We spun the Martha White wheel and won 2 muffin timers and an apron... plus a goody bag with all kinds of cool stuff in it! I love me some festivals! lol
My mom bought me and her these cool little iced drinks in a coconut shell with a cute lil umbrella sticking out of it. Very fab. I have the coconut shell with the umbrella sitting in my kitchen because it was way too cute to throw away. I'm hoping it doesn't rot anytime soon.

Okay, so here's the good part. You know you can't go to a festival without some drama from a mama. So. . .While sitting in the shade for a few, my arm started itching and burning a little bit. Looked down and I have two fang marks on my forearm. Now my whole arm muscle is hurting. . .and I'm hoping it wasn't a freaking black widow spider. Spiders suck. Then I had a panic attack and almost busted my teeth out on the concrete. Luckily I didn't pass out - but it was a close one! Noah had a good time although he got hot and tired pretty quickly. There was also a carnival there so he got to ride a little train, toddler boats (no water), and some other little car. 3 rides = $10. Gah. We bought six tickets and my parents bought the rest for him. After the rides we got the heck out of there - it was like a hundred degrees and we were baking.

Got home and let Indiana out of his crate and loaded him up into the van. Took him and Noah to the park so we wouldn't have a wired up toddler and puppy tonight -cuz this mama is tired and I want to rest. We're all being lazy now and life is good.

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Lucky Jones said...

Sounds like you had fun except for the, I don't know, HUGE BITE on your arm?!