Friday, February 20, 2009

Oh how I love Mother Nature :D

I'm off my soapbox and never again will I ever mention the Octomom. Why? Because my mom said to hush. . .free speech no more! I will mind my mom, because I'm a good daughter.

Anyway onto the other mother: Mother Nature. I went to Lowe's with my parents tonight to check out some trees. . .and with my dad's help, we've decided to plant a couple of Red Maple trees and **hopefully** a couple of Black Tartarian Cherry trees!! Yay, I'm ecstatic. Finally, some trees, oxygen, fruit, and in a few years : shade. Going to get them tomorrow and hopefully I'll remember to water them. Yikes. Have I ever mentioned that I can kill an air fern? It's true.

I have a screaming chihuahua to my right, a poodle curled up in my lap, a shih tzu sitting in the recliner looking at me as if saying "please mom, shut the chi up", and then I have two little boys age 3 playing happily in the other room. Life can't get better than this.


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Lucky Jones said...

You can say whatever you want about Octo-mom... she's the one who put herself in the limelight and is annoying the hell out of everyone! GL with the trees... yeah, I killed ivy once, so I feel for you...