Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The Cutest Conversation

Noah's playing with a toy gun and he tries to hand it to our poodle, who is shaking uncontrollably.

Noah: Here (talking to the poodle), you can hold it.

Poodle: *hiding and shaking*

Noah: Oh, he not have hands and he can't hold it. He not talk or have hands. I have hands and I talk. I have eyes and so does him.

Me: You're absolutely right, Noah. . .**laughing hysterically


We're watching Chicken Little and Noah's favorite part in the show is where the big rock is rolling towards them all - then turns into a clip from Indiana Jones, where the big rock is rolling after him. Here's how it comes out of Noah's mouth: Ahh, mama, Chicken Wittle is being chased by a rock!! And look, India Jums is too!!!

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