Thursday, December 25, 2008

Santa Came!

And it was the most exciting morning I've had since I was a little girl! Noah woke up first thing this morning and said "Santa's here". .and he got up and came down the hall with a big smile on his cute little face! The first thing he seen was his bicycle and he ran to it and was so excited: his very first big boy bike! Then he opened all his presents: Operation game, Chutes and Ladders game, Pottery Wheel, Paintable Magnets, moldable clay, a few tractors, and his gas pump! He was one happy little boy! Then we went up to my parents house and had a wonderful Christmas with them. They got Noah a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse table and chairs, a huge tractor with a round bailer, games, a puzzle, and quite a few other awesome things. Then out came Wes with a 4-wheeler [power wheel] that looks just like his real Yamaha...even the same color blue! Noah had a cow! My grandmother got him a few tractors, Land Before Time puzzles and a few other things. Thank goodness Noah has a huge room or else I don't know what we would do with all these things, lol! We had a great day and I'm thankful we're all healthy and together.

Oh, we brought some great tasting honey ham home from my parents house and my poodle knocked it off the counter and chewed a hole in the top of the bag. . .so now he's in lockdown for the next few hours! What a turd! :)

Now we're waiting on Caleb's parents to get here so we can celebrate Christmas with them. They should be here within the next few hours. .Can't wait!

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