Monday, July 21, 2008

Noah and my Great Grandmother

My Great Grandmother passed away a couple of weeks ago wihout ever getting the chance to meet Noah. Her and I talked on the phone on a weekly basis over the past year and a half and I grew pretty close to her. Her and I talked mostly about Noah and how much she wanted to meet him. .and how much she loved him. She was so sick and wanted to get stronger before we came to visit her. Well, she passed without ever getting the chance to see him..and that makes me sad.

Three nights ago, in the middle of the night, Noah woke Caleb up and asked "daddy, who's that?", "who's that daddy?". . .and Caleb just told him noone was there and to lay back down. Well the very next night, at 4 in the morning, Noah woke me up asking me the same question- "who's that mama, who is it?". Of course I had chills and didn't even want to look!! I knew someone was in our room, only because Noah has seen things and expressed it before. I asked him if it was a man or a woman--he said "a woman". I told my husband and my mom that I felt it could be my great grandmother! Maybe she finally got to see him!!

Well, today we were looking at pictures of Noah when he was newborn and other family pictures, when he came across my great grandmothers pic. He just stared at it and giggled. He's never met her, and doesn't even really know who she is. Well, I asked him who that was and he said "my nanny". Hmm, Nanny huh---uh, ok! So he kept looking at it, staring at it sweetly. . .then he said "I see her". I said really, where is she Noah? And he responded, "her in the ground, mama". Caleb and I both got instant chills and we dropped the whole conversation with him. He's only 2 1/2 years old and knows NOTHING about death, about my great grandmother, or even being 'in the ground'!

It was all validated today. My great grandmother finally got to see her "Little Man". . .and thank God! I am so glad to know she's okay now and has came by to see Noah, and I'm just as glad that he got to meet her. I really did become close to her and I think about her daily. Even tho she was 90/91 when she passed away, I feel like I didn't have enough time with her. We only started really talking just a couple of short years ago. I do feel blessed to have had that short time with her versus nothing at all, I love her and I know she loved us. She is in heaven right now with my grandfather. . .he was my world when he passed away, and I was only 6 years old. Now they are together, happy---and I'm sure they both come and check on Noah, maybe they're his angels =)

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Phoebe said...

Pure hearts in babies do not lie..I believe her saw her and obviously she made him giggle about something she did!! What an awsome story. You should write it down and tell him about it when he gets older.