Friday, July 16, 2010


My grandmother has thought from day one that I'm expecting a girl - u/s results have shown boy. She still doesn't believe it, so she goes out and buys an Intelligender test. I roll my eyes, tell her it'll show a "Boy" results because hello, I'm having a BOY in September! Umm, I woke up and peed..did the test...and got a GIRL result at 32 weeks preggo. Ok, I know these things are only 85-90% accurate..but now my grandmother will totally think she's right.  These tests are clearly not as accurate as they state - unless my little boy's penis has turned into a vajayjay! I haven't told Nanny yet - she'll be jumping for joy and buying pink. LANDON is his name :)


Beth said...

OMG! That's kind of scary!

Hopefully you'll get an u/s Monday and they can confirm, again.

Brandie said...

LOL, I know!

Living on Love and Cents said...

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