Friday, July 2, 2010

30 week appt today!

Everything went great at my appointment - I can't believe I'm 30 weeks!! I heard the baby's heartbeat and it was so strong and loud. Oh...and NO weight gain! yay! Dr still hasn't scheduled my c-section but I do know that it will be sometime after September 4th, but before the 11th. My actual due date is 9-11. We can't have a baby born on that day..its a sad date.

I sat at my dr's office from 8:30 a.m. til 11:45.  I failed the one hour GD test so I had to come back for the 3 hr. Oh it was torture. I chose to drink the lemon/lime glucose drink. Nasty. Its like drinking pure sugar water & I'm not a big sweets person, especially that early of a morning and on an empty stomach. Whatever. I just hope I pass this one! And yes, there were a couple of gross looking pregnant chicks that walked through the door. One stands out really well in my mind. She was probably no older than 17 or 18 and she had on a size small white tee with baggy trashy looking pj pants. Her belly from her belly button down was hanging out & she was wearing flipflops - and yes, dirty feet. I'm not a judgemental person, really. I'm not. I just feel like you should dress appropriately and not let your big ole belly hang all the way out in public like that. Also, soap isn't that expensive. If you can afford to have a child - you can afford a bar of soap. $ Tree has a few bars for $1. Buy some. Enough venting, but I always get frustrated when I seen women not taking care of themselves, especially when they're pregnant. Enough of that!

In other news, I'm going out with a couple of girls tonight to eat & then watch Eclipse. I'm super excited because I never get to go anywhere - unless Noah is with me and he HATES going places. He's such a home body. So I'm excited to get this opportunity to be out for a few hours! yay!


Beth said...

I hate it when I see trashy dirty pregnant women too. Don't know what it is...I guess I'm imagining how they are going to take care of their kids and that they will probably be the ones you see in the grocery store with a full, falling off diaper with no clothes or shoes on. LOL

I hope you passed too!

Elsie said...

I totally agree with you about the dirty pregnant women! I work in a birh center at our hospital and there are always gross people coming in. Doesn't it make you wonder how they're going to take care of a baby when they can't even take care of themselves!?
Saw Eclipse! Have fun - it was really good!
Thanks for stopping by my blog... I'm your newest follower.

Turning the Clock Back said...

returning the follow! Thanks for stopping by and have a great weekend!


Kimi Jo said...

Hey Brandie,
Thanks for visiting my blog.
I'm so glad you got to go out with your girlfriends. Do it now, cuz the more kids you have the less frequent your time away will be. Just saying. And I think the next time you go to the doctor you should bring a bar of soap in your purse, just in case the same preggo girl shows up. Maybe you can just discretely slip it in her bag or something.......

Lucky Jones said...

haha!! I love that you kinda judge people like I do!! While I was pg, I was always like "omg I look WAY better than that chick!" Yeah, dirty feet = nasty!!! Oh, I am bestowing an award on you!!