Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Pregnancy ate my brain!

I can't believe I didn't post about my 27th birthday & 7 yr wedding anniversary. June 9th...and I totally skipped it on my blog. Shame on me. We didn't do anything special, but still :)

Caleb got the day off that day and we loaded the kiddos up (Noah & baby cousin Bo) & headed toward Chattanooga, TN. It's only about 45 min away from me so its no day trip or anything. I had two Red Robin coupons: one for a free gourmet burger of my choice & one for a free kids meal. Heck to the yeah! Our total after eating was only $14 and some change. Thats it! We couldn't have had McDonalds for that price. I highly suggest going to the Red Robin website and signing up on their website - woohoo for freebies, right?  Just watch out for husbands choking on french fries. That would be Caleb. One bite and he was choking, hacking, wheezing, etc. I hope it didn't go in his lung. yikes. Then we loaded the kids back up in my cool ride, the minivan, and headed back toward the house. Later that afternoon my mom grilled out hot dogs & had us a really cute cake made. It was a very nice & relaxing day. Some couples would leave the kiddos and go on a date..together..alone. Fyi: Caleb and I never have a date night where we are alone, we have no babysitter - or any offers..

I think this baby in my belly was conceived in a hit and run in our hallway. Fun times :)

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