Friday, April 30, 2010

Someone call 911 because my nerves are SHOT!!

I had planned on updating the blog last weekend and add pics from Easter, but something aweful happened and blogging was the last thing on my mind. Sunday morning me, Caleb, and Noah rode with my parents to the Cornbread Festival in TN. We spent half the day up there and had a great time. We got back to my parents house and my dad loaded up his boat and decided to go fishing wtih our neighbor. Me and Caleb were on the back porch talking to my mom and Noah when her cell phone started ringing. All I heard was panic in her voice and she ran out to the car. I followed her and was starting to freak out. My cousin had called and was screaming in the phone that my brother had been in an atv accident in our back field. He was knocked out. We jumped in the car and drove about 20 seconds down the road to where the gate is. My dad has it all rigged up and it was tripple tied with hay string. I thought I was going to die. I couldn't get the twine untied and neither could Caleb. My mom had already gotten out of the car and crawled through the fence and was running through the field. All I could do was pray and kept tugging at the string. All of a sudden it came loose and opened. God was definitely there with us. We drove through, picked my mom up half way through the field and raced to where my brother was. By the time we got there (it was only minutes but felt like eternity), he was laying on his side and awake. My mom and I were both crying and in hysterics. All he could say was "I'm fine" over and over. Clearly he was not. We begged him to let us take him to the ER and he kept refusing. We got back to the house and I tossed him a clean shirt and told him to load up. He was already complaining of a headache and wasn't acting like himself. All I could think about was a brain hemorrhage. We got him to the ER and I went to the desk and told them that my brother was just in an atv accident and has a possible head injury (even though he kept saying he didn't hit his head...he later told us he has no clue what happened because he was out of it). They took him right back and immedietly done a CT on him. My mom went out of the room to call my dad when I heard the doctor telling the nurse that the spine looked good, minor skin abraisions, and sub temporal lobe hemorrhage. I never even heard his name and I already knew who they were talking about. My whole body went numb and I couldn't even breathe. My grandmother was in the room with me and all I could do was look at her and say brain bleed before the dr rushed in and said they were transferring him to Erlanger Hospital. They are better equipped for head injuries. All of this happened so fast. We followed the ambulance to the other hospital and had to wait almost all night before we knew any details. He was put in SICU (Surigcal Intensive Care Unit) and had to be watched by the Nero Surgeon/Trauma Team. They gave him meds in his IV and did neuro checks on him every 30 minutes. They also did 2 repeat CT's to look for changes. God heard everyone's prayers because the scans showed no change at all, thank God. After two days in ICU he was placed into a regular room before being discharged. The dr's said it should take a couple of weeks before the brain heals and absorbs the bleed. I'm just so thankful that this situation didn't get any worse than it did. I can't imagine living without my brother. I love him so much and we've always been super close. His headahces are easing up and he's doing really well now :)

I will update later on Easter and post pics, I just wanted to post this story and let everyone know why I haven't updated in forever!!

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