Saturday, March 6, 2010

Debbie Downer 2day

I don't know what it is, but I woke up feeling sorry for myself. It's crazy, I know. A few events occured last night that really had my panties up in a bunch & I think it just carried into this morning. Who knows. It sucks though. It could be hormonal, too. Little things are starting to get to me, which is very different. I'm a very laid back person and it takes alot to bother me. Not anymore. I just fixed breakfast for my favorite 4 yr old & while I sit here typing this, watching him eat, and listening to Cartoon Network - I feel guilty. Guilty for letting him watch tv this early. Then I want to cry. We watch movies together on occassion, he gets to watch one or two of his favorite shows per day, and if he's good he even gets to play 30 whole minutes of the Wii. Am I a bad parent for allowing this? I feel like it. My eyes are all puffy and my tear ducts aren't even allowing anymore tears to fall down my cheeks.

Here's to hoping I get over this and someone crashes my pity party!

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Lucky Jones said...

:( Don't feel bad! You are an amazing mom and it's not like he's in front of the tv 24/7... a little bit doesn't hurt!!