Sunday, February 14, 2010

Maternity Clothes - RAVE!

I just went to and bought a few maternity items. Gauchos - because I love them and they're super comfy. They were only $15. They also have tons of cute maternity tops, $8 and under.

Today we went to Calhoun, GA to shop at the Outlet Mall. Went into the Old Navy store and racked up. They didn't sell maternity (only online) but I found some great pants, shirts, and capri's that will fit all the way thru my pregnancy. I bought all cargo pants/capri's that have the cotton stretch waist band. One pair was only $6 and the rest were all under $17 each. The shirts I bought were also $8 and under. I got a huge bag full of things for only $80. Way cheaper than Motherhood Maternity. Yay! I even got a pair of flip flops for only $3.

I'm 10 wks 1 day and I'm still feeling great. It's strange, but I can be talking and doing fine and then all of a sudden start gagging uncontrollably. lol, not sure what's up with that. Two weeks til my next dr appt!

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Lucky Jones said...

Yay for maternity deals!! I got some yoga pants and maternity leggings early on and I swear I live in them. Well, those and my Victorias Secret Pink boyfriend sweats that I've had for years, but those aren't really "out in public" wear ;) I got a lot of tunics and stuff at Ross too :)

I can't wait to see the belly progression!!