Tuesday, February 2, 2010

3 more days!

These three days will fly by. I'm now a mixture of emotions - nervous, being excited, scared! I just want to see the little flicker of a heart beat and know that it is all good. Noah swears I'm "growing 2 babies". We'll see I suppose :) I'd be totally fine with that, no doubt!

In other news, Noah and I are hatching out Sea Monkeys! We let the water purify over 24 hours and we just put all the Sea Monkey eggs in the little tank. I'm so excited - I haven't hatched out sea monkey's since I was a little girl. My mom use to buy those for us all the time, brings back good memories :) I have them in the window now so they can get a little sunlight...and I'm hoping they start hatching soon. It's been so cold lately and all I keep thinking about is the beach - I want to take Noah this spring/summer! He's never been and I would love to take him before he goes off to college ;) Our van is in the shop now getting a good tune up and a few repairs, so it should be good to go if we decide to drive off to the beach in a few months. I hope we get to.

Want to hear a funny? Caleb just came to me and said he thought he might clean the bathtub today. I said "ok, good idea" (lol)....and then he just stands there and says "so do I use the toilet brush to clean it with or what?". OH GROSS. That just goes to show you that he is not use to cleaning. lol. Poor guy.

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