Friday, June 12, 2009

Loving Summer!

Sorry I've been MIA a little lately. We've been pretty busy lately - I turned 26 on the 9th and we also celebrated our 6 yr wedding anniversary the same day! The bad part about it was Caleb had to work all day long. SO, we're going to celebrate on Saturday. Spending the whole day and night out on the town doing whatever grown ups do when grandparents babysit.

I've also been laying in the pool every day. Oh its lovely. I also find that its great meditation. Lying on the float, watching the trees rustle and hearing the birds sing. I love nature.

In other news, since starting the bc pills and Metformin, I've noticed that I've felt better and had more energy. I'm so thankful to be getting my body on track so we can try for another little one. I've already lost 9 lbs in a little over a week - dr said the Metformin would cause the weight to drop off. I like to call it "dripping" off since its not literally falling off. Know what I mean?


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