Saturday, May 2, 2009

Rain, Rain -GO AWAY!

Today is the day our town has the annual Down Home Days festival. We were planning to go and walk around and maybe purchase a couple of birdhouses. .but nope. It started storming last night and hasn't really stopped much since. We didn't get to go. Thats okay because I've had sort of a bad day to begin with. Storms during the night=shih tzu barking his ever loving head off. Grr. I wanted to strangle him. I couldn't sleep because of the barking, then the barking woke Noah up -then we had to finally just get up because he doesn't let us sleep either. Of course the hubby has it so freaking easy - he just laid in bed and never even attempted to get up. We have a dog that is crated at night. He has to eat his doggy breakfast, drink his water, and go straight outside to do his business. Who takes Indiana out to potty in the pouring down rain? Me, of course! You think hubby is going to get off his tale and do it? Nope. So here I go. Luckily for me, Indy done his thing in a matter of seconds and I took him back in. Then it dawned on me. Check on the 16 baby chicks that's out in our backyard (in their coop). I walk out on my back porch and see that they're standing in water up to their little thighs. So I run out there -in the freezing cold rain - and I'm out there for 20 minutes trying to save those chickens lives. I started putting each chick, one by one, up under our back porch. We have a huge, high, back porch so they have so much room under there to scratch around..and more importantly, stay dry! I was a little ticked because hubby didn't even come out to help. I do it all anyway. Might as well catch pneumonia, too.

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