Thursday, April 2, 2009

Rain Rain GO AWAY! (and other news)

How many days is it going to rain in Georgia before we have to build an Arc?! Ugh. I want beautiful summer days! I broke out the flip flops already and I refuse to pack them back up. Got that Mother Nature - I refuse. Now all the way until next Tuesday it's suppose to be cold. My toes will just have to get use to the pretty shade of frostbite blue.

We have a gazillion mounds of fire ants in our yard. They've already covered my little man's foot and bit the heck outa him. Too bad this rain won't drown those little bastards. They're like a cockroach, they'll live through an atomic bomb. So, in order for Prince Noah to play in the yard, he has to ride his power wheels from point a to point b. He doesn't mind though, he loves his power wheel 4-wheeler! Those bastard ants aren't going to be around long, they're fixin to go to fire ant heaven.

Our little Carly girl is on vacation with her parents and we miss her like mad. Noah misses her as much as I do and we can't wait till our little 40 pound princess returns to the peach state! Not long after they get back she'll be in another beauty pagent. She won't the last one - Little Miss Petite Northwest GA. She was absolutely adorable. Noah called her "the new Cahly" since she was all dressed up.

Noah was eating pizza today and refused to eat his second piece of cheese pizza because of the 'mountains', aka: cheese bubbles. So we had to bull doze the mountains off his pizza before he would finish eating. That little boy cracks me up on a daily basis. I love him to pieces! He's Mama's babi :D

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