Monday, March 23, 2009

This post will remain title-less - My brain is somewhere in my pile of laundry.

So, I wake up this morning and flat iron my hair. It was standing up in all different directions. Yep, too lazy to actually wash it before I have to bolt out the door to pick my Carly girl up from pre-k. We get back to the house and I have to cook three different lunches, only because everyone wanted something different. Broccoli and rice (Caleb), mac and cheese (kiddos), and egg salad (for me). Turns out my stomach wasn't wanting egg salad. Blah. Finally got that all wrapped up, the hubby off to work, and sat the kids down for some Easter crafting. We all love glue, sequins, and glitter way too much around here. It's been crazy busy and I was fixing to pull a few strands of hair out of my head when I politely sent the kiddos to the screened in back porch to play. . .so I can have a few moments alone with my lappy :) I can see and hear them, they're fine.

I'm worried about my little doggie, Max. One of his little eyes has gotten a little red and it even looks cloudy - almost milky, if that makes sense. I'm really worried about him and I'm hoping and praying he isn't going blind in that eye - that would make me sad :( Hopefully he can get to the vet this weekend to see what's going on. For now, I'm putting in neo poly bac and hoping for the best, as we're broke as convicts right now and can't really afford a vet bill.

My in-laws are coming this Friday and Caleb has to work up until Sunday. At least Noah will have some entertainment and I'll get a tiny bit of a break, even though we're always all together. They're wanting to dye and hide some Easter eggs for Noah, which he'll enjoy doing. I have so much to do so I'm off to find my brain in my pile of laundry.

By the way, Noah just informed us that the Easter Bunny is going to be bringing him an "Egg sammich" for Easter, not a crazy ole' easter basket. Duh!

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