Saturday, March 7, 2009

Moms Birthday, Kite Flying, and a Pitty Party :D

Today is my mom's birthday and Noah made her a beautiful birthday card made from cardstock, stickers, markers, and lots of love. He colored a beautiful rainbow inside the card and even drew in a little pot of gold. Who knew my little toddler was such an artist. We went out to dinner with mom and dad and had a good evening.

Noah also got a haircut today and cried when his bubblegum got taken away from him. When he cries, he always says "my face is wike a mountain". God bless him, he's so precious! Anyway, his gum got taken away because he chokes on it, even if he's only chewing on a small piece. But, he got a McDonalds and came back to the house and had some ice cream - so it was all good after that. He also flew a kite for the VERY first time today!! My mom helped get it up in the air and let Noah hold it on his own - and then of course he let it go! lol It was fun and we can't wait until the wind picks up a little more so the kite can go further.

I'll throw myself a little pitty party for a minute or two. I've had a weird week. Lack of sleep (because Noah hasn't been sleeping well), not feeling good, and sadness because my aunt in Missouri isn't doing too well and I can't get in touch with her. My phone has rang twice this week and when I pick it up, noone is on there. Last night, during the night, the phone rang and I ran to it as quickly as I could. . .and silence. I don't know who it is or what they want. Maybe I should invest in caller id. Anyway, tomorrow is suppose to be another beautiful day and Caleb is off work, so I plan on staying as busy as possible to kinda help get myelf out of this funk.

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