Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentine's Day and some good old fashioned floor flopping

Such a hallmark holiday, but ya know. . .some people really get into it. I remember when Caleb and I first started dating, I would get flowers, a card, and an oversized stuffed animal that collected dust particles. Of course at the time I was all warm and fuzzy inside. . .but now, it isn't really important to me. So, instead of giving me a flowers, and me giving him a cheesy card - we got cell phones and cell phone cases. I was grieving over my Blackberry's demise, but never again! I'm totally in love with my Verizon smartphone: XV6800. It's the best thing e.v.e.r. We have unlimited internet which is pretty sweet - nothing like checking your mail while your in a traffic jam, ok. .more like sitting on the commode waiting on your three year old to get out of the tub. Anyway, it's the best Valentine present we could have ever given to each other because they were FREE. How? Because my hubby told him he seen those phones on the verizon website for free when you sign up with a 2 yr contract. So, they went to the back, got the phones and said they could do the deal. And guess what - we got home, went to and they're not free anymore. Yep, goes to show you salesmen can do any deal they want to do. . . as long as they make a sale.

On to the good old fashioned floor flopping. We went to the flea market earlier today and Noah wasn't happy. He is a homebody and it kills us! Anyway, at least he was sort of chilled and walked around with us for a short period of time. After getting a few things we left and was on our way to Walmart when, all of a sudden, Mr. Noah sees that we're not on our way home. We pull into the Walmart parking lot and we park. We go inside to get what we need when Noah started pitching a fit and demanding to leave. I believe in discipline, popping them on the hiney isn't going to kill any child. BUT, since you can get arrested for it now, I try and talk him out of his fits versus taking him to the restroom and spanking his little butt. Talking it out doesn't work. He proceeds to lay on the floor, kicking and screaming. What do you do? Well, I turn really red and start sweating. I bribed him with McDonalds, since there was one inside the store. Ok, that was working - he got up and followed us. We get in there and some little brat had an ice cream cone. Oh my lord - Noah refuses to eat his cheeseburger because he wants an ice cream. I nicely tell Noah that if he eats his burger, he'll get a cone when we leave. Yeah right - no deal. So, we walk out of McDonalds and we go to the checkout to purchase some pics I developed. Noah is still crying, demands a candy bar. Nope, no can do. Didn't eat your burger, you're pitching a fit, no reward!! On the floor he goes. ..flipping and flopping and screaming. At that time I'm almost ready to pull my hair out. People are having to dodge him for pete's sake! Caleb calmly picks him up out of the floor, holds down his arms (because Noah has a mean right hook) and out the door we go. THANK GOD! The poor Shriners at the door didn't even offer us a pecan log roll. What a shame, we missed out on the nutty goodness.

Anyway, after screaming, dry heaving, and kicking his shoes off, Noah fell asleep. Wow, what a day. We didn't even get to have a nice dinner. . wait, does Krystal count?

To top it off, Noah just started having growing pains tonight. . . for the first time ever. I had to rub his little ankles and feet until he went to sleep tonight. I felt so sorry for him. He cuddled up to me while I massaged his little feet and he went soundly to sleep. I hope he has a good nights sleep tonight - and I hope we do, too.

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BriBaby2k said...

Girl you handled your self pretty good! I don't know what I would of done if one of my kids acted like that in the store...counting to ten and biting your tongue does not always work.