Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Octuplet Controversy

Nadya Suleman is absolutely insane and in her dream world, she's Angelina Jolie. ..minus the money and the hot Brad Pitt. I don't have anything against large families, especially when they support themselves and all their children. But, this woman has 14 kids and lives with her parents in a 3 bedroom home. It's insane. To top it off, she's of course, wanting handouts. Why? Because she can't afford 14 children - no kidding! I think she needs mental help, and these children need to go into loving homes where they're able to be cared for 1 on 1. You can view her website here.


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Lucky Jones said...

Hey Brandie,

So I have to agree with you on this crazy woman.. She said she's upset because people are coming down on her for having IVF unmarried. I think that she and the dr who performed the IVF are completely immoral. I could care less if she is married or not, but to go through an IVF treatment and have 6 embryos implanted when the previous IVF attempts have been successful is INSANE. She obviously doesn't have the fertility issues many women have if she had several successful IVF attempts. Now she is asking for handouts, being paid God know how much for her interviews, and opening the door for ultra religious or conservative groups to say "see? we told you IVF is bad". It's giving all of us who can't have children and resort to medical intervention a bad name.

UGH it just makes me sick to my stomach....