Sunday, February 8, 2009

I said what to a chicken?!

Noah and I went to my parents house today, and while we were there we had a little barnyard drama. My mom and I were sitting on her back porch enjoying this beautiful weather while Noah was playing out in the backyard with his toy tractors. He was minding his own business when the devil red rooster, which I am naming Lucifer, comes over in his territory. Noah was a little nervous but kept trying to play - while we were keeping an eye on Lucifer. Lucifer has never bothered Noah but has jumped up at my dad a few times. . .so we were cautious. All of a sudden Noah turns around with his back to the rooster - and here he comes, creeping right up on Noah. .and he was thisclose to flogging my little guy!! So I screamed out like a lunatic, Noah took off running, I grabbed the mop that was on the back porch and started cussing Lucifer as loudly as I could possibly cuss. And guess what?! The idiot didn't even run from me, he was daring me. What I should have done, but didn't do, was knock that rooster out of the ball park. Mom told me to quit cussing the rooster because he didn't know what I was saying to him anyway, she grabbed the mop and started swishing it at Lucifer until he finally gave up and walked off. I was SO mad! At a rooster!!

So here is a little photoshop of what went on:


And now, an invite to the cookout we're having next weekend:


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BriBaby2k said...

omg..lmao! That was the funniest, cutest story ever told!