Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Chuck E Cheese

That big stupid rat! Noah and Carly were so ready to have their pic taken with the wonderful Chuck E Cheese - and Noah couldn't wait! Caleb and I hoisted them up onto the stage and had them stand in front of ole' Chuck. I told them to say 'cheese' and then Mr. Cheese started moving. Thats when the smiles turned into something else. Noah wouldn't budge, couldn't move, or even smile! Carly put on a brave front, but as you can see, her smile faded too! So I snapped the pic and put them both back onto the ground where they desperately wanted to be. . .and they fled. I don't blame them. . . .that's one big rodent.
Anyone have any mothballs for us to take with us when we go back?
(fyi-mothballs gets rid of rodents)

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