Tuesday, October 28, 2008

To Whom It May Concern

We live in a society that is suffering greatly from sexual confusion or, if you will, sexual misconduct. Today, one out of two marriages end in divorce. In the last generation, the incidence of sexual activity outside of marriage — with all of its attendant problems — has doubled and tripled — or worse. We have no particular reason to believe that we have seen the peak of the growth in sexually related problems. Statistics do not really capture the pervasive ills attendant upon sexual immorality. Promiscuous sexuality prevent many from establishing good marriages and family life. Few deny that a healthy sexuality and a strong family life are among the most necessary elements for human happiness and well-being. This can affect people's ability to relate to friends and family; and affect's people's ability to do well at their studies and their jobs; and they can affect the whole of society, which needs stable and secure individuals to lead us out of our troubles. Those who do not experience love from family and friends tend to seek any semblance of love they can find — and thus become involved in illicit sexual relationships — and the cycle starts again. The multiple varieties of abuse of sexuality and the grievous consequences of such abuse are not only damaging the current generation, they are threatening to ruin the chances of future generations to live happy and fulfilled lives.

A Christian understands that when he is doing wrong, he is not only violating good sense, he is violating God's law; he is failing to be the loving and responsible person, God made him to be. Many find that their sexual encounters leave them lonely and looking for something more. There are increasing reports of sexual indifference, with many claiming to have lost an interest in sex, even with those whom they love. The best thing to do is cling to your spouse and those you love and do the right thing - God may be the only one who see's all. . . .and that should open one's eye's.

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