Friday, August 1, 2008

The best medicine. .

Prayer! Not laughter, prayer. I believe God has His way of testing people just to make sure their still on the right track in life, you just have to pass the test. When times get hard for Caleb and I, whether its financially or otherwise, we pray and read the Bible together. Nothing is better than reading Proverbs every single night--it got us thru the dating years and its getting us happily thru our married life together.

Anyway, on another note, the charger to our laptop blew up in our living room today....we just bought it two weeks ago--and we can't even return it now. Sucks a big one.

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Phoebe said...

Yes, Brandie you are so right. I have let this whole thing get to me and make me say terrible words that I shouldn't. Thanks for this helped me to see I do not need to let this make me do bad are a wise chickie!!!